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As an Academic Advisor of BCA program, I would like to welcome you all in DAV family. DAV has the tradition of excellence from its inception in the field of management, science and humanities. In the demanding scenario of college education, education as a whole needs to rethink and re-look. By keeping these things in mind, the dedicated and experienced engineers devotedly established one of its BCA wing in the year 2019. The principal objectives of BCA program is to produce high skilled graduates capable of working in national and international markets in the field of Information Technology and Computer Systems. The students will be provided the knowledge of Killer Coding, Project Management, and hands-on experience on open-source or existing code-bases along with the knowledge of system architecture and design. Further, we also provide the professional courses like CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, MCSA, Firewall and RHCE during the college study to make student professional and proficient for their career enhancement. Furthermore, students will be provided in-house internship facility in robotics, networking, web applications, system administration and database management system. Instead of hard-skills, we also provide soft skill knowledge such as creative thinking, technical writing, data analysis and problem solving at hand.

During the 4 years of college study, we make student confident, intrinsically-motivated, venturesome and imaginative smart learner to place students at the paramount of their career horizon. I firmly believe that the hard-skills, soft-skills and certification courses along with academic degree together offer an immense support in career itinerary. After the successful completion of your 4 years journey at DAV, you will learn the importance of discipline, multi-tasking, prioritizing works, motivation and how to strengthen your integrity, perseverance and resourcefulness to stand as a well-versed citizen for the nation.

Finally, I wish you all the best for your stay at DAV and rewarding career ahead.

Thank You

Dr. Rameshor Subedi

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