"A Blood Donation & Health Check Ups (Eye, Dental camp) was conducted on 2023 July"

Published on 2023-08-02

"On July 7, 2023, a Blood Donation and Health Check-up camp was held at DAV College in Lalitpur, Nepal. The event offered two significant services to the participants:
The camp encouraged individuals to donate blood voluntarily. Blood donation is a selfless act that can save lives and support medical treatments for patients in need. The donors at the event contributed to building a stable blood supply for emergencies, surgeries, and various medical conditions.

Health Check-ups: Alongside the blood donation drive, the camp provided comprehensive health check-ups. Attendees had the opportunity to receive eye and dental check-ups. These check-ups aimed to assess the participants' vision and dental health, ensuring early detection of any potential issues and promoting overall well-being.

The event likely brought together members of the community, students, and faculty of DAV College, encouraging them to take an active interest in their health and make a positive impact by donating blood. It also fostered awareness about the importance of regular health check-ups and blood donation, emphasizing the significance of altruistic acts and healthcare awareness in the region.

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