Student’s Learning Enhancement Session by Prof. Dr. Varadraj Bapat, IIT, Bombay

Published on 2023-07-14

D.A.V. College once again has successfully introduced students to the greater aspects of understanding the operations happening all around the world. A very informative session on Student’s Learning Enhancement with the interesting topic of ‘Financial and Business Model; Sustainable Business Strategies Nepal’ was conducted by our honorable guest and resource person Prof. Dr. CA. Varadraj Bapat. Ph.D., IIT Bombay under the Chairmanship of Mr. Anil Kedia, Chairman D.A.V., Chief Academic Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Manoj Kumar Chaudhary. The session was conducted on 3rd July, 2023 for the students of BBA, BBM, BBS and MBS.
From this session the students were not only made aware regarding the academic perspective but also the real life thinking and balance that they need in order to become a successful person. They were introduced to different factors of the world such as behavioral finance, cultural finance, western vs. Hindu economic thoughts, capitalism and many more. The session was an interactive and engaging one where students also shared the aspects they are familiar with. There were multiple new terminologies and cases that the students had yet to be discovered which made them even more involved in this session.
At last, Dr. Bapat concluded by sharing his insights upon the work and life balance where money alone cannot buy all the happiness but money backed up by family, friends and inner peace are the factors for a successful one. He also taught the students regarding the concept of competition vs. cooperation where competition along with corporation and sharing is the healthier side of leading a balanced life.
Therefore, on behalf of the whole D.A.V. family we would genuinely like to thank our respected guests Prof. Dr. CA. Varadraj Bapat for providing us his valuable time for educating our students outside of the text book.

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