Research Report VIVA – BBS 4th Year

Published on 2023-06-19

The students of D.A.V. College (BBS 4th year, 16th Batch) provided a very informative viva session with the topics varying from Finance to Marketing sectors. The viva was conducted on 15th June, 2023 under the supervision of Associate Professor Dr. Jagat Timalsina along with Former Assistant Dean and D.A.V. Research Cell Member Mr. Dinesh Mani Ghimire. The viva was also administered by the internal team members of D.A.V. Program Coordinator Mr. Madhav Adhikari, Deputy Program Coordinator Mr. Sujan Raj Poudel and Mr. Bibek Ghimire lastly D.A.V. Research and Cell Member Mr. Bishnu Giri.
Students presented their understanding regarding the topics with a descriptive research paper along with a brief PowerPoint presentation. The Research Report was reviewed multiple times by the concerned supervisor providing students with better insight upon the aspects of report writing. With a great effort of Dr. Timalsina along with Mr. Ghimire, the students were introduced to various learning aspects of their respective topics. They went through the report and presentation in detail suggesting the student’s areas of improvement and selection of proper topic for research work. Functioning the viva themselves the students seemed to have improved confidence and knowledge which will help them theoretically and practically in real life scenarios.
The entire D.A.V. family highly appreciates the time and effort of our respected guest Dr. Jagat Timalsina and Mr. Dinesh Mani Ghimire for providing our students a proper guidance making them the most reliant source of our nation’s future.

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