D.A.V. College organized “Public Speaking and EMCEE Training”

Published on 2023-01-24

D.A.V. College organized “Public Speaking and EMCEE Training” mentored by Ms. Sadichha Shrestha. The first phase (Day 1- Day 4) of the training session has consisted of introducing the students to basic concepts and aspects of public speaking, inculcating the importance of public speaking and observing presentations given by students. The Director of Hidden Treasure Nepal, Mr. Subarna Bahadur Chhetri provided an eloquent session on the importance of self- motivation in public speaking.

The 2 week “Public Speaking and EMCEE Training” has an integral role in developing necessary knowledge and initiative to perform in a public setting, showcasing an indispensable skill for business students.

Enquiry For Admission

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