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By remaining steadfastly committed to providing students with an education of the highest caliber possible, D.A.V. College has been able to position itself as the pinnacle of excellence in the field of management education. Students in the twenty-first century can foster their many and complicated interests through properly designed dynamic curricula and multiple educational methodologies. We are aware that, as a result of international causes, borders between countries are thinning and that today's students compete on a global level. For our students to climb Mount Everest in any profession they choose, we have built a college with a genuinely friendly and supportive learning atmosphere. 
In order to grow our students into job creators, we place the utmost importance on encouraging entrepreneurship in them. Meanwhile, we also embrace research-based strategies to assure the sustainability of learning, and ICT is a crucial component of our system. Our extremely creative faculty works hard to impart not only academic subjects but also the practical skills necessary for students' personal growth. For promoting critical and creative thinking, communicating, and teamwork, we provide students with the hard and soft skills that have been essential. Every student living under the D.A.V.'s roof is our responsibility, which we carry out with complete dedication and commitment. Throughout their academic and professional journeys, we continue to be their mentors and protectors. 

Madhav Adhikari 
Program Coordinator, D.A.V. College

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