Workshop on Design Thinking: An Innovative Problem Solving Technique

Published on 2024-05-27

In this recent generation of a competitive market, it is essential for students to learn the ability to tackle the problems generating in a corporate world. They should be able to implement actions in an innovative way as there exists various entity or individuals trying to fill the gap in the market for better opportunities. Hence, in order to strengthen the theoretical knowledge of the students, D.A.V. College successfully organized a Workshop on Design Thinking: An Innovative Problem Solving Technique, which was facilitated by: Managing Director of Skill Square Pvt. Ltd Mr. Neeraj Pradhan on 11th December, 2023 for the students of BBS 3rd and 4th year.
The students were actively involved in a creative group activities and exercises which added to their inventive side upon different aspects of real world as well as the corporate one. They were assigned to plan a business of selling goods where they even had to make their product out of stationery materials. After completion, the students presented their product and explained about the features and the kinds of problems arising on the mechanism to solve them.
The session was really helpful for the students to think about solving a problem in a very unique way, switching on their side of creativity and making them able to work and adjust in a team and present their ideas to the mass audience. Such type of practical workshops stands out to be a really fruitful one as students not only learn by reading books but also by practicing and applying the theories.

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