Viva and seminar paper submission on different topics of Macroeconomics

Published on 2023-05-21

Students of BBM and BBA 2nd semester presented viva by submitting seminar paper and PowerPoint presentation on various topics of Macroeconomics which was evaluated by Dr. Gyan Mani Adhikari. The students had to choose different areas of Macroeconomics and draft a report regarding their topics following the standardized format assigned by the college. The seminar papers were reviewed multiple times by the faculty member for the final submission. Likewise, the final report was followed by a PowerPoint presentation summarizing details mentioned in the report.
Dr. Adhikari went through the seminar paper and presentation in detail providing students with feedbacks and suggestions regarding certain errors and areas of improvement. The students had to follow the suggestions and remake the report again for clear understanding of the proper title selection, main objective behind the research, research question and findings, comparison of last year and present year data on the selected topic of Macroeconomics. This session truly helped students to learn theoretical and practical aspects of Macroeconomics and its features under the different context of national and international market. They were also able to improve their presentation skills and public speaking.
D.A.V family genuinely appreciates the effort of Dr. Gyan Mani Adhikari on guiding the students to a better path of educational section with both theoretical and practical knowledge.

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