Traffic Awareness for Road Safety

Published on 2022-08-25

On 22nd July, 2022 “Traffic Awareness for Road Safety” programme was conducted in our College in order to aware our students about the Traffic Signals & Road Safety. Traffic signs can give you important information that can ensure your safety and the safety of those around you and also the awareness of road rules can lower chances of accidents. Inspector Damodar Bhatta explained about, “Road Traffic Accidents” in Kathmandu Valley due to the negligence of the driver, fast pace, consumption of alcohol during driving and before driving, overtaking, weather condition and mechanical defects of the vehicles as major causes of Road Traffic Accidents in Nepal.
Even Though people are aware of traffic rules they still neglect implementing it, which hinders the overall road safety. So, this programme helped our students a lot to know about the traffic rules and some of our students also promised to volunteer and contribute in minimizing the accidents during the peak hour.

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