Socialization and Enculturation Program

Published on 2024-05-31

The new admission of D.A.V. College got an opportunity to experience Enculturation Program on 17th and 18th of December, 2023 at Hotel Country Villa, Nagarkot. This program is organized every year that aims to prepare the new faces into the culture, values and practices amongst the other students and entire college. The students are indulged in different academic activities with professional trainers for guiding the students in spending their four years of journey in the most effective way.

This program is solely dedicated to the fresher who has come to D.A.V. with many hopes and ambitions but are confused and anxious about what the future holds. The session helps the incoming students to uncover the answers to the questions they have about the college, resources, college rules, programs and services. It directs to introduce the students to the new environment, develop communication, build strong social bonds among themselves and take back the unforgettable memories and lifelong bond with their new friends.

Therefore, the program has always flourished in making the students blend well in the new environment with various recreational activities designed to improve their social bonds.

D.A.V. College would like of express sincere gratitude to chief guest of program Prof.Dr. Dilli Raj Sharma, Dean of FOM and Resource Person Mr. Manohar Man Shrestha, Professional Management Trainer as well as research cell members & management team their valuable insights to new comers residing the teaching and learning pedagogy of BBA/BBM throughout the semester.

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