Self Defense and Prevention of Violence and Harassment Training

Published on 2023-08-07

Taking in account of the self-reliant capability for women empowerment Social Welfare Club D.A.V. College actively organized a self-defense training named ‘Self Defense and Prevention of Violence and Harassment Training’ conducted by the Fightback Team Nepal. The training was specially organized for female participants in order to protect themselves in case of any unwanted accidents. The session was conducted for two days from 27th to 28th of July, 2023.
As it is a well-known fact that females are at greater risk of harassment in different areas like; workplace, home, outside of the home and many more. To which it is an essential factor for the girls to know how to protect and defend themselves. Looking into the safety of girls the Fightback Team educated the students regarding different types of harassment like vocal, mental and physical. As majority of the females were only exposed to the physical violence, through this training they were made aware that violence doesn’t have to be always physical sometimes it can take into different forms. The session was further carried out by different techniques of protecting oneself in case of any inconvenience caused.
At last, the students were built up by self-confidence and awareness regarding taking actions during unusual accidents. The students were also acknowledged with the certificate of participation. Therefore, the entire D.A.V. family would genuinely like to thank the Fightback Team for giving us their time to make our girls self-reliant and confident.

Enquiry For Admission

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