SPSS training for the students of BBA 6th and BBM 4th semester.

Published on 2024-02-18

D.A.V. College stepping into another milestone in research by providing students of BBA 6th Semester and BBM 4th Semester with one credit hour (16 lecture hours) of SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) training with the theme “Unlocking the Power of Data”. The workshop started on 15th February, 2024 for the students of BBA 6th and BBM 4th semester. The session is facilitated by our esteemed professional trainer Mr. Yogesh Man Shrestha.
The workshop is designed to equip students with the essential skills needed to navigate and utilize this powerful statistical software effectively. This training will provide students with insights into the fundamentals of SPSS, Data Entry and Manipulation, Statistical Analysis Techniques, Data Visualization, and Practical Implications. The main objective of initiating an SPSS workshop is to increase the research ability of students using SPSS as a statistical tool for data processing and enhance their career opportunities.

Enquiry For Admission

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