Photoshop and Video Editing Finale 2023

Published on 2023-03-20

The students of BBM 2nd Semester and BBS 2nd year participated in the finale of ‘Photoshop and Video Editing Training’ held on 19th March, 2023 at Sujata Hall, D.A.V. College. The event was judged by the experienced insights of Dr. Rameshwar Subedi, IT Chief, D.A.V. and Mr. Nimesh Pokhrel, Faculty, D.A.V. College.
The event, mentored by Mr. Raj Kumar Shrestha saw the participants present a video project showcasing the skills learnt throughout the 15-day training session. The students prepared a video on various socially relevant topics with Group 8 emerging as the best creators preparing a video on ‘Women Empowerment’.

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