Faculty Development Program-2024

Published on 2024-05-31

The immensely important part of support, guidance and instructions, the faculty members have the necessity of learning higher in this emerging generation. Taking into account of making the faculty department more knowledgeable, D.A.V. College successfully conducted a ‘Faculty Development Program’ on ‘Case Crafting and Teaching’ in presence of respected chairman of DAV Mr. Anil Kedia. The program was facilitated by renowned resource person; Prof.Dr. Harjit Singh, Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Symbiosis International University Noida, India. The one day workshop was held on 16th May, 2024 at Sujata Hall, D.A.V. College.

The main objective behind FDP was to impart quality education through case base teaching and empower faculties towards enhanced learning. All the faculty members from various fields were engaged in brain mapping activities, case crafting and inspiring aspect upon qualitative academic world. They gained an insightful perception towards art and discipline of building and studying a case along with various ways, do’s and don’ts and formats of publishing and writing a case.  

At last, all the faculty member were acknowledged by the Certificate of Appreciation for the active participation on Faculty Development Program. All the positive gestures from faculties motivated D.A.V. on organizing more of such seminars and enhancing the educational world through empowering faculty members from different department.

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