CV/resume writing session

Published on 2023-05-26

D.A.V. College has actively conducted a session on CV and Resume writing guided by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha, General Manager- Corporate HR at Ramesh Corporation. The seminar was conducted on 19th April, 2023 for the students of BBA 8th Semester and BIM 16th Semester. With an extensive experience of 10 years in the field of Human Resource Management, Mr. Jha shared different styles and techniques of drafting a CV and resume for the students to present themselves well in any kind of organization.
To make students self-reliant, confident and productive, Mr. Jha introduced some of the major topics like characteristics of various business world, maintaining a quality work life, understanding an organization, understanding the job position and explore self-interest and goals.
The session also included other major sectors of CV and resume writing like; the objective of creating CV, the employer’s point of view while going through the CV, major differences between CV and resume, different styles of drafting resume and CV along with the standard format of drafting an email while sending out the resumes to concerned department.
In general, the session offered students with better understanding on the main purpose behind writing a CV or resume along with its importance and use in different corporate sectors around the globe. The D.A.V family express gratitude towards General Manager- Corporate HR at Ramesh Corporation, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Jha for sharing some of his useful insights with the students.

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