BBA Industrial Visit Report Presentation

Published on 2023-08-07

D.A.V. College had organized an Industrial visit to Pokhara and Barasinghe for providing a chance to the students of BBA 1st semester to explore the practical operation of different lives at different places. The students were introduced to the working of factories where they were shown the detailed process of manufacturing, assembling and packaging products for serving it to the customers. After the visit they were assigned to prepare a report presentation showcasing their understanding regarding the work or cultural background of the places. The students were allocated into groups from which they also learned the ability to work as a team and present a blends of ideas into one conclusion.
The viva was formulated by D.A.V. Program Co-ordinator Mr. Madhav Adhikari, Research Cell Member Mr. Bishnu Giri and Mr. Madan Dhungana. The respected faculty members of D.A.V. College helped the students to improvise their content and other areas of improvement. They were also encouraged to getting involved in practical sessions along with theoretical background. The session stood out as the beneficial one for the students to eye-witness the real life mechanics of work, culture and ethics of people functioning at different places with distinct background.
We as a team are planning forward for more of such sessions keeping in count the positive feedbacks and excitement of the students to learn and explore to the greater level.

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