Advanced Accounting Training for the students of BBA 4th semester

Published on 2024-02-18

With the emerging importance of accounting knowledge, D.A.V. College started one credit hour (16 Lecture Hours) Advanced Accounting Training for the students of BBA 4th semester. Accounting Training Workshop is designed to provide with the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in the dynamic field of accounting. The training is facilitated by Chartered Accountant Mr. Nawaraj Basnet from 15th February 2024.
The program will boost the confidence of students pursuing a career in finance who are looking to advance their skills as well as become an entrepreneur managing their own business as they will be introduced to the continuously evolving trend shaping the significance of accounting. This workshop will provide knowledge about technology integration in data analysis, risk management, strategic financial management, financial reporting, and ethical practices. Overall, the students will learn the importance of accounting, the ability to provide reliable financial information, ensure compliance with regulations and support strategic decision-making.
Therefore, we as a dedicated management team believe that this workshop on Advanced Account Training will genuinely help the students to conquer bigger goals and achieve competitive advantage in an increasingly complex business environment of today’s generation.

Enquiry For Admission

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