Advance Excel Training for BBA, BBM 3rd semester and BBS 2nd year students

Published on 2023-08-27

The students of BBA 3rd, BBM 3rd semester and BBS 2nd year were trained with one of the most useful function of today’s generation, Microsoft Excel. The training was conducted by respected CA. Nawaraj Basnet starting from 23rd July, 2023. In this session the students practically learned different layouts, setups and basic formulas required in Excel fundamental’s working. They were able to work under a specific work file which included various accounting sheets and records.
Each of the different semesters had six days of Excel training where at last they had to perform a self-assessment test with different sets of theoretical and practical questions. They were also encouraged to fill out a feedback form in order to share their experiences regarding the session and improving the areas of difficulties they faced.
It is an essential factor for the students to ace their ways of growth through different areas of working in the real life work scenarios. We are very keen to be formulating similar practical sessions in order to provide students the learning environment they deserve.

Enquiry For Admission

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