Intent upon keeping the Flag of pristine flying, it was natural that the Dayanada Anglo Vedic (DAV) Trust
was attracted towards Nepal and Joined its hand with the with the objective to establish, organize and
manage educational institutes all over Nepal under uniform ideology and curriculum.
Hence, DAV Sushil Kedia Vishwa Bharati School was established. On the completion of successful decade
long service, it expanded its wing higher up and hat its own college
established in the year 2003.

As per the global requirements and earnest request of students/parents, DAV College expanded its
affiliation to B.Sc. Microbiology, B.Sc. Physics, B.Sc. Geology in 2014 A.D. It is run by a team of science
experts and academic scholars, therefore, it is undoubtedly of international standard as far as Science
and Technology is concern. The DAV Science College is built on its own values designed to emulate
those students who belong to the field of science and technology.


  • To make learning socio-economically relevant.
  • To provide ample platform for all-round development of students.
  • To prepare the students to meet the emerging global demand.
  • To provide effective and modern teaching-learning facilities, keeping pace with the latest educational techniques.
  • To make valuable contribution to the society by inculcating ethical and moral values in our students.
  • To make our students techno-savvy.
  • To impart quality education by building a rapport among the students, teachers and parents.
  • To establish DAV College itself as a first model institution in the country.