Entrepreneurship Development Program

Published on 2024-06-18

D.A.V. College successfully completed four different series of ‘Entrepreneurship Development Program’ (EDP) for the BBA and BBM 7th semester students. The session was conducted to foster entrepreneurial skills and mindset among young individuals. The emerging state of entrepreneurship in the current era is marked by several distinctive trends and characteristics. The young minds are inclined more towards establishing their own entity and studying their functions. Thus, to encourage the thought and process along with the theoretical course on business studies, D.A.V. provided the students with a platform to practically involve and oversee business functioning in the corporate world.

The first session of EDP ‘Design Thinking: An Innovative Problem-Solving Technique’ brings students together to learn about the trending concept of Design Thinking and its aspects. This was the initial grooming phase for the students to think about their business goals innovatively. In this session, the group of students also made their product out of stationery items and presented it to the audience, explaining about their business and its motives. The EDP series continued with a second phase, ‘Designing a Business Canvas Model, ' where the participants were practically assigned to plan their business from an effective and efficient perspective. In the second series plan generated in design thinking was analyzed using Canvas model.

Likewise, the third phase of EDP, ‘Financing for Start-ups,’ focused on the registration process of different companies, financing priorities to start-ups and major requirements for financing to start-ups. Therefore, with an enhancing view upon entrepreneurship, students were taken towards the last series of the program named as ‘Idea Pitching and Sales’. In this part of the program, they got to learn about the ultimate stage of entrepreneurship with a different set of knowledge regarding how to deal with the changing scenario of the market and make the product visible to the competitive audience.

Each series played a pivotal role on crafting the knowledge and confidence of the students towards independently working upon their desire and thriving into the corporate business world. At last, the entire family of D.A.V. College would kindly like to acknowledge the esteemed team of ‘Entrepreneurship Development Program’ for conducting such a productive range of sessions to our students that motivates them to be a boss tomorrow.

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